No time to play CM4. Heh...well can only do it while writing my Ops orders and stuff. Oh well. Had a little fun this week seeing the zoo@orchard and stuff. Well hope to have a less hectic weekend next week.
Haven't been back for ages...everything on this blog has changed
I wonder if this thing still works. Haven't been back for ages.


It must have been a year now, when the initial flurry of activity has petered down into nothing. Washed away by all the little worries of life, yes even the lilies don't worry yet they are still clothed in all their splendour. Maybe, starting again at this time, it's the season. You just have to look at my previous entries, about losing the enthusiasm I have at the start of the year. Yet honestly, I quite enjoy the adrenaline of my army life. it's just that booking out, I do realise that there's a whole world out there that I may have been neglecting. And perhaps I will have to write again because over numerous guard duties, there are so many times when I have written letters in my head over and over again. I basically have probably un-remembered these things until it's too late to say them and this will priobably do nothing to stem the tide, though it's a small step. It certainly allows me to write differently from the journal I keep in OCS which is more or less focused on military stuff. I would really prefer two way communication through letters but then that really also involves people's time so this would be a substitute. If you have any comments, you could write back to me. Whee. Weekends are all I have to update this little journal with, and I do not know how many significant events I have missed. I look forward to the days when I can enjoy my weekends with good games, videos and quit worrying about next week's training or losing stuff like keys or OOCing. Ah well. Irony, I hope I shall be able to carry this through. ANd yes let loose, and enjoy the little things like getting high on third grade beer at Happy Hour. Here's to the rest of 2003. Cheers.