I've commissioned now, and yes it does feel a little weird with two little pips of a bar on my shoulder. More responsibility I guess. Everyone tells me I ought to be happy with my posting, HQ 6 Div AMPO. Sounds good, and I'm happy rightly so. Should have time to drive, study French, play nice fun childhood- games. tres bien. just to get this niggly magazine thing over with. if i were on a low self-esteem day i guess i would be reproaching myself on my tremendous irresponsibility but i think that its merely a function of my inability to instill fear in people. because generally i do work. well okay. i don't overly stress myself.
coldplay. that's it.


Its beautiful. It's been raining here for one and a half days. From the rambunctious thunderstorm to the dull irised drizzle, its just been raining. Think of all the places that are flooded. And its making the temperature lower here in camp. Its one of those things I'll miss, the weather here. It's about how we get our dosage of cold. And sooner or later the sun will be up so it's not some perpetual drizzle like London. Good.

Talking about the weather. poof.