'Vous �tes belles, mais vous �tes vides', leur dit-il encore.
'On ne peut pas mourir pour vous. Bien s�r, ma rose � moi, un passant ordinaire croirait qu'elle vous ressemble. Mais � elle seule elle est plus importante que vous toutes, puisque c'est elle que j'ai arros�e. Puisque c'est elle que j'ai mise sous globe. Puisque c'est elle que j'ai abrit�e par le paravent. Puisque c'est elle dont j'ai tu� les chenilles (sauf les deux ou trois pour les papillons). Puisque c'est elle que j'ai �cout�e se plaindre, ou se vanter, ou m�me quelquefois se taire. Puisque c'est ma rose.'


I just had the most fun in the world climbing into a boot and hiding there. It was hot and it turned pink whenever the brake lights are on. I could just imagine myself as some vagrant tripping on marijuana while listening to Pink Floyd. Talk about perspective. There's nothing like being in the back of a car. It also reminds one of Uma Thurman trying to bust out of her grave.

Alas, other fun experiences include sitting on the car roof as it was driving off, and hanging on to it subsequently. I am Jackie Chan! It's the kind of stupid, lousy thing you do just because you're young. And feel like being young and laughing your head off hahaha.

I must have sex in the car one day.

Climbing out of the boot when you reach our destination is also another "what the fuck" moment. Observe the priceless faces of the passers by as you climb out of your boot sweaty and bothered.

Light a cigarette and wind down the windows, flick it out the window. We are young, restless vagrants for a night! And tomorrow, back to our futures.

P/S I also fed some cats last night!


Back from Bali. I doubt I'm really going to write about it, trying to find a nice site to put up pictures with captions which I guess would say it most. I did take a picture of the sunset.

On a lesser note, mood isn't too fantastic. One of those where you feel that you're floating about and everyone is floating away, there's no wall to push off and inter gravitational forces are too minimal and the moon is drifting to outer space.

I'll never be able to reduce everything in my life to one or two things at this rate. Anyhow, the less you care about it, the better.

Everything's fine!

To that day