I am a very well balanced individual.
I rarely do anything stupid.
I'm sensibly sensible.
I'll be brought to see your mom.

I am typically curt to myself.
I have forgone all artistic integrity.
I think I have found the truth.
I am guilty for not telling it.

I have started all sentences with I.
I am self-absorbed.
I worry about other people's lives.
Only because they're too much like mine.

Balanced all, brought to mind.
Son of Cain, hermit kind.
I occupy myself with less important things.
That are horribly urgent.


I'm currently in the project room of my OCS Wing. We're having this interesting discussion, sure, we're not too eloquent and verbose, but sort of having a good time gossiping. good for my ennui. which is better for me. it isn't dull. i just have an inverterate, naive, interest in others people's lives which doesn't satisfy me.

wish i had something important for you to hear.

it's ok. maybe it was meant for us to laugh this day off. consign it to the rubbish bin of all other days.

i've no one to address. no pa system. still. as now we are psychoanalysing other's personal problems, i feel strangely worriless and blameless. and other's fates.

i am the walrus.

where are the people we admire. lennon and harrison are in the sky.

inspiration, motivation for the course, quite close we are to reaching the end, and we are ruminizing, a combination of things and words. fodder for forceps. fight for frenchmen. seoc.
OOP. sign off now.