Sorry I'm finding this fun

Un jour on se rencontrera

One day, you'll see
We'll meet
some place, anywhere
led by coincidence
We'll look at each other
and smile
and hand in hand
through the roads we shall go

Time passes, too quickly
the night will hide us well
our hearts, like two little thieves

And we'll come upon a dark place
where the cobblestones will be gentle to our gray souls
there'll be a ball,
albeit poor and banal
under a misty sky
of melancholy.

A blind man will play
his pipe organ
the melody in the air will be for us
full of grace, full of beauty

Then I'll ask you to dance
take your waist
We'll dance quietly
far from the maddening crowd
We'll dance, love, my eyes deep in yours
towards the end of the world
towards the depth of the night


Maintenant je sais

Okay managed to translate the lyrics from the French, not entirely literally though, just probably what it means. Please help.
It's by Jean Gabin... nice French crooner

"When I was young, the height of 3 apples
I spoke confidently, to be a man
I said, "I know, I know, I know"

It was the first time, it was spring
And when I had my eighteen years
I said "I know, there you go, this time, I know"

And now, the days, they return to me
I look at the earth, where I took a hundred steps
And I still don't know how it turns

For around 25 years old I knew it all
love, the roses, the high life
Damn right, love had made everything turn
Fortunately all my lovers
had not eaten all my bread
in the prime of my life
Still I learnt
What did I learn? It's held in three-quarter time words

The day when someone loves you
It's beautiful
I cannot put it better
It's beautiful
Me, who's in the autumn of my life

One forgets so many nights of sadness
but never a morning of tenderness
All my youth, I wanted to say
"I know."

Only, the more I sought the less I knew
As 60 blows strike on the clock
I'm still at the window, looking, asking myself
Now, I know, but one never knows!

Life, love, friends, money, roses
One never knows the noise nor the colour of anything
This is all I know, but that I know well."


laws, rules and regulations can be irritatingly frustrating. just ask clarence. it's a bloody hassle, but i don't know. that's what comes of trying to be all comprehensive and complete.

conducting summary trial tmrw. should be a quick affair. all nice easy light sentences commuted into fines. but it's really a bitch trying to be nice about it after all you're wasting their time. you may think well they're wrong so it's all right to waste their time. well. but really. for transactional offences.

the law's really there to scare you. i can see how it's noble, when you try to find this regulation to charge him under so really there's less harm done. but on the contrary, sob's want to fine the worst possible thing to nail you with. so good, it's adversarial. and so many shades of grey.

little niggly things, little niggly things.