"peace wall" at falls road, belfast. up till today it still divides the catholics and protestants in west belfast so they won't throw stuff at each other.

more murals

things seem to be looking up in belfast though it's really full of friendly people and surprisingly many people from the rest of the EU. northern ireland was a surprise pretty good scenery and very relaxed and untrodden. it's so funny i remember we met keith in vietnam and he said he was from belfast. amazing how i actually ended up there and saw the "europa hotel" he spoke off which was the most bombed hotel in europe? well it didn't look that bad.

sea cliffs at carrick-a-rede. you can see across to scotland, the isles of arran

giant's causeway again, co. antrim. a combination of a basaltic lava bed, crystallization and erosion did this. there's even a little story about Finn McCool crossing it

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