i used to think beyond university lay an endless amalgam of events known as adult life, which consist of various episodes of slaving until retirement if you're lucky, and spending the rest on keeping yourself alive.

now that adult life is here i guess i have to accept that life doesn't end after university. there are proper jobs which are supposed to provide challenge and fulfilment, stuff to buy for the very first time etc.

now that i stare at applications it is very difficult to trick my mind that life hasn't ended, and that i haven't been sent to hell already. either

1. nobody likes doing applications

the question is, why doesn't anyone like them?

a. maybe the job is not right for you
b. you're just lazy to write another 500 words on the greatest experience/failure of your life, so you convince yourself the job is not right for you.
c. you don't like to bullshit

[you don't have to bullshit if you have the goods don't you?]

to employer: read my blog

*horror* no better not. then blogs will become templates of working in teams overcoming obstacles and challenges and being good fits for organizations.

i blame corporations for all my negativity. boo. how did i ever do my scholarship applications.

Ford worker on assembly line: screw in 10th bolt on front left tire repeat x1000
Me: Do applications.

what do they have in common? do something, get dough.

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