reliability: it's quality, childhood expectations, expectations of people, and tradeoffs with other priorities. from columnist writing about the indonesian psyche.

"happiness is chemical". wonder about the qualitative nature of other happinesses. would it really be bad to hook up to the experience machine if one were chemically depressed? how is it that some pleasures are addictive and others are not? what is a reward system? role of serotonin and dopamine. is pleasure from fulfillment/success second order?

note-taking, and choosing the language in which to write. pramoedya ananda toer

patience: how i personally feel that the bourne ultimatum was a really good film and one which breaks the usual rule of sequels. in this case, the last one is the best one. power of build-up

live band at ex annex of plaza indonesia, dinner with clarence's dad

jakarta nightlife, description

thoughts on lousy food and lush forests, and my love/hate near death relatonship with waterfalls.

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