What Kids in Britain Are Being Taught

There's this insane series called KNTV, which is something like a kids show exploring the lives of 10 great philosophers. The characters are like beavis and butthead, and they have a rock band. pretty cool stuff.

So Einstein, Newton, Darwin... all good stuff... until they come to Nietzsche.

And then they have montages of people blowing themselves up, teaching kids what Nietzsche said about religion, and having a character act like an emo punk rocker representing Nietzsche. They ended the show with a really cheesy rock song with lyrics like "Superman, Superman, Nietzsche's big idea was the Superman". They also took the mickey out of Nietzsche by mentioning that ultimately "he was no superman, just a sorry bloke with no mates who couldn't get any" They also talked about Wagner, and telling kids about not following herd (slave) morality. All very subversive. Apparently, there is a Marx song too.


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