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Iain Dowie, manager of Crystal Palace once famously talked of bouncebackability. His team showed great bouncebackability to snatch a draw against Arsenal.

I had a bad day, and I'm not one to be happy when things aren't going well. But I must be careful not to let unhappiness turn into cynicism at the way things are. when people look at me, maybe the word "zest for life" doesn't immediately spring to mind. but unhappiness is not pessimism.

but if only to recalibrate the tiny (moral?) compass which we have to navigate the seas of life (couldn't resist that), let's end with something that sounds like a jobism (i.e. something steve jobs would say and every goes waaaah). complain less, do more. the adjective bad doesn't change to good in a day, but bad is a state of affairs, and not an inherent property of anything.

jobism. job. job is the chapter of the bible you read when you want strength against adversity anyway. he got royally screwed over a number of times, complained maybe once but everything turned out fine in the end. fitting name, huh?

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Anonymous said...

had a tough day too. but it's over. sleep and let the day pass