great to be back in singapore. good food and companionship. watched a pretty good film 爱情十八克 which michelle recommended, showing at sinema old school, on top of mt sophia. was surprised that it didn't have a commercial release as it seemed quite marketable. And I am always so surprised (I shouldn't be) at how much it costs even to make a simple film. The rest of my time was spent junking around watching various old films (sepet and troy) and reading.

finally finished my admin this week. well at least the marking and the term reports. i still have to update the website and put up answers but i think i'll peg that for later. i think everyone's enjoying christmas anyway.

so i can start on my own work now. i will spend these 2 days getting used to CES (constant elasticity of substitution) functions, which Dixit and Stiglitz used to model imperfect competition and seems to be the workhorse for any forms of economies of scale. Then I can finish up intermediate goods theory, and also the problem set on labour market flexibility and the associated gains from trade. I'll read the Schott paper on factor price equalization to see if there's anything there.

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