came across a comment re happiness

So if you are happy you are happy; and happy is just what you make yourself to be regardless of everything and anything.

Everyone can be happy anytime, every time, all the time, in riches or poverty, in plenty or want, in sickness or in health, whatever!

You see the meaninglessness?

It is like calling all colours red. And everything is red. Then, really,we have become colour blind and no longer can see colour. There is no distinction, either you can't or won't see the distinction, and you really have lost the notion of colour, and what's left is an empty word.

So just to say if you are happy you are happy, you no longer understand nor see life anymore. You have failed or closed your eyes and mind to the various shades of life and all its pains, difficulties and questions, e.g. what is the meaning and purpose of life, etc.

And just as anyone can be a fool, so anyone can be happy.

So I am happy but it dosen't change a thing. I am still in want or plenty, sickness or health, victorious or defeated.

I still ponder what's next; if tomorrow comes.

Life goes on.

But life is for life.

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