3.00 pm. Before the match

Innocent high school girl in shrill voice: "Go Bjorkman!"
Voice of reason (similarly aged male compatriot) : "You kidding? That other guy hasn't dropped a set yet all tournament."

One set later.

Genial old woman : "How's the swedish guy doing"
(Everyone turns around sheepishly, as if too embarassed to answer)
Me : "Not too well I'm afraid." Decided to add a qualifier. "He is playing the best guy in the world after all."
OW: "Oh it's just that I used to come from Sweden so I am really hoping he will do well. Well, win or lose, it's great anyway that he gets this far."

According to the commentators he was "possibly the best player who ever lived." A bit of an exaggeration. But where I usually love underdogs, I always love more Federer spanking everyone into submission. Yes, I'm a little ManUtd ohmyteamissogreatandthatmakesmebetterthanyou moment. I am safely in London, watching Wimbledon. So sad I had to leave Singapore so soon been not updating because otherwise it'd be the same emo shit over and over.

bonds are sexy bonds are sexy bonds are sexy bonds are sexy repeat until true.

and so federer will wrap up the match faster than i can finish my tutorial. oh look there he just broke serve again. ok time for badminton. need a good spanking.


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