the french were pioneers in so much, especially aviation.

every time you stick on "par avion" it's worth noting many french aviators died setting up mail routes.

and "mayday" is an english translation of "m'aider", which is "help me!"

passed by a falun gong protestor today outside the chinese embassy. after reading so much jung chang, although i am skeptical about the whole issue i must confess china is a big country. it is impossible to know exactly what is going on. cut to images of silent crying. it's like the other day i was wondering if my neighbour was a wife-beater. or he could just be desperately needing to pee.

i think i need a dog. i wish i knew the breeds. the black one downstairs is always milling about me.

also, old man with suitcase. looks like he's fainting. why is nobody around reacting?

compassion is becoming a scarcer commodity these days.

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mich said...

and did you react to the old man, then?

i must say, trezeguet is a really good footballer if he hit the bar on purpose.