crash-coursing spanish in library now for a placement test and interview tomorrow. let me tell you about my sad sad life in london right now.

1. my computer crashed. in london, you can't just walk up to customer services in an "apple store" and get your computer repaired. no, you have to make an appointment. and you have to make an appointment somewhere in zone 3 at least an hour away from everything, unless you've subscribed to procare and pay some more money so you come first in a queue. so you try to take the train to brent cross and the northern line breaks down, so you have to take a bus. it's ok, i passed by abbey road where you can see the pedestrian crossing that the beatles put on their album cover.

2. i faxed about 8-9 forms over to get an internet account. finally got it settled after a week of faxing to and fro. credit checks, bureacracy and the ilk

3. house has some problem with hot water. sort of fixed.

4. girlfriend is homeless. as such she is temporarily staying over at my place. hard to settle down when she isn't settled down, and me and my roommate's stuff is strewn around.

5. timetable clash. outside option clashes with core. i would have loved to take the introductory philosophy course. but well, that fucked up, and they don't really solve lecture clashes here, so i asked for permission to take PH214, which is not too bad. deals mainly with ethics through reading aristotle, kant

my house is a little small. but it's in a nice area, and they opened a new mall, the brunswick, with waitrose (the local cold storage), starbucks, boots and all other sorts of franchises. it also has a cute little renoir cinema which shows indie films, and we managed to catch finally a film by the much-hyped almodovar, who is renowned for disgusting things like filming cleavages and toilet scenes. birthday was uneventful and spent stressing over administrative details. birthday was spent watching chuckle club. and, new place of last week = southall = indian food.

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