i was at brighton over the weekend and the highlight was probably touching the sea. the arcade was forgettable, although the oriental pleasure dome called the royal pavillion was unique and dare i say beautiful. last weekend i caught the goo goo dolls in action too.

i returned slightly sick due to the hefty breeze. whenever the cold front comes there's lots of rain and today london was typically drippy. i am also feeling slightly stressed by the great dosage of mathematics in my courses and i always sit down in dread to do my microeconomics tutorials because i have forgotten so much math over the summer. also, i volunteered to do a journal-type thing, which i think i told myself never to do again. but, in start-of-term enthusiasm, i must have raised my hands, so there you go. aiyah. i think i don't like stress, and i am convinved i hate it more than the average person, which means i need to be paid more to take on stress.

i also realise how difficult it is to talk to myself nowadays. i'm not used to it anymore. how. it really feels like a second year in london. i'm starting to wait for it to end.

i can't wait for guy fawkes day. i need to see things burn.

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