happy new year

kingsway tunnel. one of the few occasions there's no cars and only new years revellers going back. i always enjoy the new year fireworks, they were f***ing fantastic this year. best i've ever seen in intensity.
we had fun smuggling in the sparkling rose (no champagne?!) into the "no glass bottles" area. i've always been a by the book guy, so i'm bad at that kind of thing. jingxiang did it for me. we found 2 other people with real champagne and we threatened each other menacingly. when new year came my memory of it was three groups of people popping sparkling foamy alcohol gushing into a sole empty spot which no one wanted to stand in for fear of getting doused. cheers and drinks.

happy new year. my official resolution is to be more sociable. i say official because it was what i was forced to say.

watching house enthralls me though and i am more absorbed by his personality than any f***ing post-new year resolution archetype.

so perhaps my resolution is to be a failure in my interpersonal relationships but have a great sense of humour and also to be right most of the time. this will allow me to keep all my eccentricities at the slight expense of occassional depression. but it also comes with the ego of knowing someone can't forget you cause you're special and oh-so irresistible the way you save peoples' lives with complete irreverence and while fiddling with some random thing, and have an unconventional moral compass.

oh come off it, it's a tv show.

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