i don't know how much of my life is different because my alcohol dehydrogenase gene clearly not as effective as the normal-type ones. i've tried training up my drinking, but the fact that i puke easily, go red quickly is surely a sign of poor ethanol metabolism.

interestingly, it is caused because the mutant strain causes my liver to metabolise ethanol to ethanal too fast, but ethanal to ethanoic acid too slowly. ethanal is more toxic to the body than ethanol, thus the build up produces the wide array of side effects. on the other hand, it prevents you from drinking more and developing fatty acid deposits in your liver cells.

i always thought though that i'd be healthier because i'd consume less alcohol, but i've been poisoning my body with ethanal all this while.

"Although many people with this condition view it as a lifetime inconvenience, some people have suggested that they can condition their body to be more tolerant of alcohol with repeated, moderate drinking, perhaps increasing the concentration of ALDH2 to metabolize acetaldehyde. Unfortunately, acetaldehyde is a known carcinogen; recent research suggests that Alcohol flush-afflicted individuals consuming alcohol continually may be at a higher risk for alcohol-related diseases, such as liver and esophageal cancers and digestive tract cancer"

i puke because alcohol irritates my gastric lining and causes it to increase production of gastric juices. if i take famotidine (heartburn medicine), it will reduce this, and apparently is a competitive inhibitor to the faulty alcohol dehydrogenase. this will remove the ethanal clog, but ethanol levels remain high for longer periods, causing you to get inebriated easier.

well, i hate alcohol. don't let me touch it again. i'm not gonna get euphoric, relaxed or have my CNS depressed anyway. i need something else to keep my GABA ion channel open longer than normal.

i have experienced this before, once or twice. it's the 3rd level before stupor:

Confusion (BAC = 0.18 to 0.30 %)
  • Profound confusion ? uncertain where they are or what they are doing. Dizziness and staggering occur
  • Nausea and vomiting often occur.

my nausea usually comes after just a few drinks though. so more often that is probably caused by the aldehyde?

more commonly
  • Lethargy (BAC = 0.09 to 0.25 %)
    • Subject may become sleepy
    • Their vision becomes blurry. They may have trouble sensing things (hearing, tasting, feeling, etc.).
and occasionally, short periods of time (the good part)
  • Euphoria (BAC = 0.03 to 0.12 %)
    • Subject may experience an overall improvement in mood and possible euphoria.
    • They may become more self-confident or daring.
    • Their attention span shortens. They may look flushed.
    • Their judgement is not as good ? they may express the first thought that comes to mind, rather than an appropriate comment for the given situation.
    • They have trouble with fine movements, such as writing or signing their name.
ergo, not worth it. harder to make friends though.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it is the acetaldehyde that causes the effects of "inebriation" and not the alcohol. Hence you might actually drink more than is healthy for your body if you inhibit alcohol dehydrogenase, because after a while, the alcohol is still going to get converted to acetaldehyde. You should therefore get yourself more efficient aldehyde dehydrogenase enzymes.