"Nous chassons la richesse quand nous avons la vie
Nous chassons la vie où nous avons la richesse."

kena ask to translate by alex. interesting how when we write, we want to think that everyone is reading/listening, that we have this device that can warp time and space. for example, i didn't read this until march 9, 2007, but when he wrote it on the 28th of february he wrote it as if i were reading it already.

yah it sounds cheem whatever, but it is not one of my favourite french phrases. you also forgot to mention that german also sounds cheem, but that it doesn't look sophisticated and sounds like philosophy or things tumbling over themselves. sorry german speakers. but they must have very precise long words though.

we chase wealth when we have life
we chase life where we have wealth

actually, this kind of thing english also got equivalent saying also right?

occasionally when i stay up late at nights i have the opportunity to trawl through blogs, stay on msn, and do all the things an ex-lonely boy used to do. materially, nothing much has changed, it isn't that my life is positively full and bursting of people.

i wish i were an evangelist now. evangelists irritate people sometimes. i occupy a hole between different types of friends. some friends say, why blog? why share your love, joys and insecurities? on the other hand i have friends whose blogs i trawl, heart on sleeve etc. associated with the first camp, is the viewpoint that the thoughts that matter, you share with someone you can talk to, or otherwise they are invalid and teenage anyway. with the second camp, a kind of shouting from the mountain top. "i want to sing, it's fresh like spring... i want yes i want to pass yes to pass it on passiton passiton passitpassitpassiton." couldn't resist.

why tell the world that you love someone? why don't you just tell her? write it in your diary? but you know, i think it's difficult sometimes. what is in the literature known as "quality time" is in short supply. sure you could create it, but when you feel like talking, i'm doing work, when i feel emotional, maybe you're already sound asleep. so you put off what you have to say sometimes, and the impetus goes away, or comes as unexplained tears (of happiness/sadness?)

when i was lonelier, i wanted to project my feelings onto things. i wanted to think that trees felt sad, or daffodils were happy, or that this protagonist of that book over there was going through the same depths of despair. you notice things more. i was more sensitive.

haha,actually alex blog very nice to read. it's like watching the progression of someone. mine has started to fill with gaps.

no, i guess i don't take a lot of photos of me and michelle anymore. we should more often. maybe posting photos of us together would be my evangelical message. shun the non-believers. shun. i do love her, i wish i had the ability to succintly summarize our relationship in a paragraph without embarassing anyone, (because we did have many experiences, and how many will we forget?) and to sing "jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. red and yellow black and white we are xxxx in his sight, jesus loves the little children off the world.

i have succeeded in attracting mortal scorn, but i have written what i wanted.

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