just went to read a student's blog, freezingpainoflife.blogspot.com, one of my ex-students, who is now doing o levels now.

come to think of it, from when i taught him (sec 2) and now he is sec 4, and in the same 2 years, i went from post-army to year 2. i seem to think that i learn less than him when i actually think i learn more. i learn to be overseas, for example, like independence and all that. but somehow, thinks seem more constant.

i like how secondary school blogs are all about pain death and destruction and the constant crush of homework. but, his life still sounds quite fun, and normal anyway. nothing too bad. he is a good catholic boy and will grow up to be well-adjusted. interestingly, under dislikes, he lists boot lickers, backstabbers and weird people. i thought these people were by definition bad.

aiyah, i thought i was quite weird also leh. i am not mould-breaking, but i am a little bit weird. if only i can let teenagers come to grip with weirdness. i think that should my aim in life. btw, he so young also think abt aim in life... respect.

today, must go advise year ones don't gey kiang, cause got course choice advice meeting. haha. see, how to use advise vs advice. spelling not accidental one. got rules.

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