article on why we obey authority, procrastinate, and join deviant cult groups. and why simply having a price mechanism for incentives is not as effective as deadlines, bans and outright rules. examines the role of time-inconsistency in our decision-making. i think economics in the states is cooler, they interview drug addicts and all!

i like the part about how doing stuff in groups, with much vaunted teamwork and all, can lead to "groupthink" and the gradual giving up of principle. this happens everywhere.

"The problem is, Jesse, I don't think you really understand procrastination."
- comment on my attempted exposition of time-inconsistency

You are speaking to someone who sits on his ass the until deadlines come and even then fails to meet them. yeah yeah i know i do get my work done on time mostly but still...

it's a simple concept, but i think i haven't delved deep enough into it.

I think you need ATHENS or some sort of university journal access though.

I went to see a certain faculty member today, and i realised that one of the qualities an academic should have is to never shut up. regale undergraduates with your war stories about seeing meade and keynes and etc. i think its interesting how people who love talking function, i guess it just has to come from deeply wanting to share what you've experienced as well as honesty, saying the first thing that comes to your mind. i think you realise it can hurt people sometime, but it's a good thing, because you knock them early. i am utterly amazed by people who can just say what they feel.

but it's still nice to see somebody so happy to talk about work. now i respect people who are happy. i think it is very difficult to be happy in the modern world. not happy in the content sort of way, but happy enough to be able to keep talking and talking and living in a child's world. not entirely successful. "I don't publish enough because i only really get down to writing when i feel its right." It's not success then it's doing what you're comfortable with.


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hi can you provide the title of the article so i can search for it in justor? be very interested ot read about it :)


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Hi Claire... Check your gmail account.=)