the power of sleep

i must have forced myself to sleep before 12 last night and actually slept until 7.45 or so. the power of 8 hours of sleep. instead of nightmare i have nice dream about a couple who should be together awww.... it was so tempting, either play game for 1 more hour, do some econometrics, prepare for presentation today. in retrospect, alcohol makes me sleep well i think. because it forces me to sleep. cider is mild enough for me.

i cannot imagine how i used to wake up at 5.35 everyday. In retrospect, i guess it must help being sent to school because i did enjoy waking up early and getting to school early, sometimes to do work, but otherwise to waste time. its inhuman by the time it gets to the afternoon though. in jc, at least you could skip lectures to sleep but i was always so tired. ok, army also everyday wake up at 5.25 to do 5BX but everything was inhuman about the army lah.

the biggest reform to singapore's education system is to start school at 9. i think some ex-sleepyheads will finally catch on to school and start doing well.

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