there's always a time at night this term when i feel especially lonely. it's when i take out something to do which doesn't require my full concentration, which allows my mind to wander. yet, i have to sit there and get it done. it could be making notes on a journal article for class, or completing my literature review and trying to look for data. i am convinced that good research needs talking to do. bad ideas need to be thrown out... and it's always this time of night that the people disappear. BLOG LORH.

i stay in london, so i know it's not the same kind of city as paris or vienna, and it's never going to be quintessentially european. some love the place, others think it's another big city. it doesn't fit together beautifully like venice does, but it's just so dynamic and nice to walk around in at night. black cabs, red buses, and the place with the most memories for me is the south bank walk, particularly the trees which are decked in blue and white bulbs. i've always loved the thames, and i'm glad i moved back to the south side within walking distance of the river.

the lse orchestra is not the best in the world, but there's something about sitting in amongst them in a small church that makes it really nice, you can observe what the conductor, cellist is doing etc...

lsetangents.blogspot.com , progressing pretty nicely.

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