Brudders of the cage!

i was feeling a little sorry for myself but soon i will be striking fear in the opposition defence on the pitch at the cage... we wanted to be footballers! damn right!


the U.S.A. chant is delightfully ironic isn't it? if you don't know, some stupid american owners bought liverpool fc and are running the club to the ground. well, not really, but we don't like them.

interestingly adidas has been at it again, they have been making boots for years, like lotto, and young upstarts like nike have been trying to catch up. it seems like they have 3 ranges of boots now, predator (what i've been wearing, been around for a while), the picture above is the telstra (what i'm wearing now). what i don't like about predator and especially some of the nike boots are that they look so weak... sure, henry and ronaldo and drogba all wear shoes that look like vapour: go search for mercurial vapour... made of some new-fangled scientific lightweight material. doesn't look like they offer much protection, and were being blamed for a while for the prevalence of metatarsal injuries. and oh the colours. how garish! i've never felt comfortable in a pair.

so... you can play street soccer in everyday shoes, but you'll damage them, and they don't transmit the power well from the instep to the ball. street soccer shoes are also lighter and have less sole, although it's going a bit too far. feet need protection. it has a nice 1970's look about it (telstra was what adidas did for the 70 or 74 world cup). feels comfortable. and it actually looks like i don't have to change out of these shoes and i could go out with them without looking like a dork with orange shoes or fierce stripes.


Miguel Herschberg said...

Hey Jesse, I was reading some past notes in your blog. What you wrote about art is very interesting! By pure coincidence, I had an interview with an art consultancy today. I am fascinated by the art market, its extremely imperfect and its full of information asymetric problems.

Check the Mei Moses index -developed by 2 NYU professors- ..its the only serious index available. It apparently has statistical errors and if we consider that markets follow a random walk, it might not even work. Random fack: JPmorgan's chief economist doesnt think that art is an alternativa asset class...

Good luck with revision jesse!


Anonymous said...

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