the real reason i was so lazy this morning

was because that I knew I would be utterly demoralized when i start on EC443. I'm 1 for 5 today, meaning that out of 5 questions, I am confident of the answers to only one of them. I think then that there is no point handing it in. I think I could get the answers to one more when I try again later, because it just looks tedious.

And the rest, not even halfway done. There are a lot of gaps in my knowledge and it will take time to climb the mountain. Especially linear algebra, which I thought I was pretty strong at but there are a lot of exotic things in there that I don't know of.

Asymptotic theory was shabbily done as well, have to catch up on that. Luckily the mocks are in January.

The only thing I am proud of is my knowledge of classical testing procedures (but who uses those?) I am always very good when the theory follows a story. I can totally understand Neyman-Pearson, for example, because they give reasons for why they do something and essentially say, yes, statistics is arbitrary... now let me tell you why it should be arbitrary our way. Decision theory, I totally understand.

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