ok stress. to do list

1. need to look through dissertation shortlist and make decision. then read/find literature.
a. lecture notes. what needs calibration?
b. look through past projects to see depth required
c. need to find data. before holidays so i can make data requests in december. also possible need to go through intl' finance part of the course beforehand to see if there's anything interesting there. also better to be vetted earlier by supervisor. if possible finish melitz + krugman model by next week! so I know that they are talking about.

2. learning latex/scientific workplace. more progress on latter rather than former. can work on former at home. also need to start on matlab/stata by end of term, because computing resources not available at home. borrow manuals, after this week's practise maybe delay this till after mocks/dissertation planning, because it's meant for april. so week 10 probably, in addition to packing/cleaning up room for yvonne's stay.

3. week 9 mocks, only macro + micro. useful for funding references, but maybe not top priority. useful chance to revise.

4. msc work + mres work.
- weekly: ec443 to tang. must do unfortunately, time consuming. mocks in jan.
- micro: ok, only game theory + uncertainty left, need to catch up on reading and MWG, 441 if possible. 2 weeks left. see how it goes this week
- macro: lagging in growth theory. RBC theory and ramsey model coming up. Also lagging in 442. doesn't help that exercises not posted.
Maybe push 442/441 work into December, except those using computers. But 442/441 work overlapping MSc could be useful for mocks.

5. teaching + marking problem set 2, student evaluations. training for this + responding to student feedback next week apart from weekly lesson planning, save for holidays.


would like to do

1. westfield + christmas gifts
2. guitar
3. chelsea/arsenal with sunny
4. packing
5. hack iphone
6. meet up with zhengfei and alex

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