nature's great events part 2: salmon

millions of millions of them converge into the rivers of british columbia. they literally swarm the low water levels and you can see fish crowding out above the water level.

and the most amazing thing is when they jump waterfalls. seriously man, what the fuck is adversity.

i also learnt that 50% of all grizzly bears don't live past the first winter. well, human mortality rates used to be high as well. they also look severely anorexic come august. but they just wait on top of the waterfall and own all the salmon.

i was auditing the advanced matrix algebra course when they were doing jordan forms of matrices... and they covered population matrices. think about it, 0.4% of all salmon make it upstream to their spawning grounds. it's almost like evolution has made the call to go for quality nowadays that i'm not used to such high replacement rates and lottery like odds.

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