Cause we were waiting for the shops to open, lip decided to go blogsurfing at orchard... and he was showing me like blogs of well, popular bloggers.

there were some i liked... because of the design and tone and all... but some i didn't really like.

1 example... the pope just died right... and there so this well-informed blogger went around about how all these people were pathetic, finding some excuse to light candles for some old geezer who's gonna die and never did much. well, that was the drift.

and then he goes on about how xxxx people died in rwanda and xxxx people died in darfur and no one gives a fuck, and how xx% of the world's biodiversity is being wiped out... and probably everyone thinks he's a genius. probably implying that the world is full of hypocrites and ignorant christian fundamentalists. And probably he had a valid point... that the news media shouldn't be carrying so much on the pope dying and all, and more on real issues that threathen the world today.

wait. didn't the news media capture darfur. didn't journalists report about rwanda. hell. i wonder how the hell we knew about these genocides halfway across the world. i think we were disturbed too, hell, how many of us got up to fly to africa is one thing, but hell, not all of us are flying to the vatican to see the pope right?

and maybe he thinks the crowd is full of rich white people trying to rape the fatta the land, who also happen to be christians. fine, that is your politics. but to use "the world's grief is more than yours" is not very fine. and if this is what people care about, what business is it to care about their indulgences? people are NOTHING without faith. you just wished they'd care about per capita income gnp of the bottom third of the world... yeah, some of us do... but it doesn't take a rocket scientist... i mean most people take money out of their wallets to give to "rice for the poor" at church collections anyway... and we have doctors and people flying here and there to save tsunami victims... and we just look at one mass of people at st. peter's square and scoff. idiots. stupid tourists taking photos of the vatican. but you don't know... you never know... perhaps they've been working hard all their lives.... simple people, firemen, policemen, IT systems analyst... doing what they can do to yes, help themselves get by (or get richer)... they have their own stories, their own loves.... i think that's the problem with politics... we look at masses and "electorate", poor, huddling masses, oh let's drop money from the sky like manna, as if talking about ti would make said money drop. and let's not forget that 99.5% of the people in the world are leading stupid, unenlightened, unliberated lives and it is your duty to free them from their delusions. from the frying pan into the fire. i know, you're probably doing something to help, but i know scorn doesn't (hell, even criticism does, but not scorn).

to say that people are so STUPID to weep for someone who they BELIEVE in?

I don't know... there you have it... all the wisdom and erudition of the world, wow, this guy's a genius, and the common folk are stupid.

I don't know... I think I'm guilty of cynicism... but I guess a lot of people tell me about it and I guess I'm trying not to... I'm always trying to be optimistic, now, really, see that things can be done... it's just that everyone has their capacity, and we'll always be guilty of sins of omission. but it's irritating when you're cleaning one side of your car and someone tells you you haven't cleaned the other side... it's like... fuck, i'm getting there, or would you like to take a sponge and wipe with me?

and all the earnest workers... all the people i see... look at the filipino people... they're so devout, even in their mess of a country... even in indonesia... the spirit is strong. and i know, that there's something about us, without a culture of faith, can never match. but we're good at what we do (i guess that's to make money), and we do it well. and that's the best you can get from life, to be earnest and do your best, your way.

i don't want to sound communist by saying "worker, worker, worker", but I thinkt eh world would be a worse place if we all sat at home and listened to jazz. cause some people can't stand jazz.

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