Friday, April 8, 2008.

My back hurts. If this continues I will be like many famous rich and powerful people who have hurt their backs. I know because I remember a book where J.F.K was screwing Marilyn Monroe (it was fiction), and his back hurt.

I average 5 am for my bedtimes. I envied insomniacs when I was in the army because they could stay up and get many things done. I think it's not bad, because you have all this time. But it's really dumb cause you're not having much fun.

I am leaving for my trip in 4 days. I would like to write about it. I would like to think I will be in a train and reflecting on what I have done. It will be a profound journey of spiritual enlightenment, but most likely, it'll be fun.

Not packing much... of course, before any trip there are all the trivialities to settle. At the moment I like to think I am a production worker. I always like ants, I played Sim Ant.

Godhelpme! I have feelings. Feelings go to the other folder.

New optimistic anthem (paraphrased from a song)

ain't got no nothing. ain't got no culture. ain't got no beer. aint got no smokes. aint got no sleep. ain't got no woman. aint got no love aint got no class. aint got no ticket aint got no token. aint got no god.

what about god?
why am i alive anyway?
yeah what about god?
nobody take away.

got my hair, got my head,
got my brains, got my ears
got my liver, got my eyes, got my nose, got my smile
got my tongue, got my chin, got my mouth, got my nose and my eyes too

got soul, heart, painful back.

got my blog, got my words, got my dick
got ym back, got my sex

got my fingers got my toes!
got my blood!
got my freeeedom
got the life, got the life, got the life.
got to keep it.
nobody take from me.

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