I'm writing out of a cybercafe in Phnom Penh... the initial greeting messages and all were in French, but now they're in English... nothing like familiarity. I hope the connection co-operates and this is a really, really small cybercafe which doubles as a AUTOCAD/architectural company. Which reminds me that I made some errors in my draft the other time. Damn. I'm subsisting of really skimpy notes in my yellow notebook because I'm not bringing my PDA around like Lip is. Better get the firste few days out of the way. But photos... well I guess I'll keep them on my computer.

Bangkok Blues

The night started ominously enough, of course, with myself being unable to get any sleep. Because my sleep cycle had been irretrievably damaged by work... ok... so I was going to go for a trip un-fresh and totally screwed. So I thought.

I had 2 good hours of sleep and I headed off for the airport. So far so good. I hadn't left my flight itinerary nor my passports behind. Unfortunately... I left Jeff, who was supposed to send us off, behind, in my morning stupor. Screw-up 1.

Now the people over at Jetstarasia are really rather friendly people... when they checked us in, and I like the fact we had 20kg of baggage allowance. And of course, Changi Airport being the wonderful airport that it is, was pretty nice to mill around.

The plane wasn't. Now of course, we like to scare ourselves with budget airline stories, given they're relatively new to our region and being the bumpkin that I was, had never stepped foot on one. It was cramped and I had nothing to do, the seats were pretty fine, but generally it was ok but I hated being on the plane because I still couldn't sleep thought I knew I needed it.

So... 0920 - 1045... SIN - BKK, bearing in mind we're now back 1 hour thanks to I don't know, previous colonial differences or something. Okay... I think I'll continue another day.

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