i don't believe it. i have no exams but i'm feeling stressed.

during maths lecture today, they were introducing extensions of whatever we have learnt so far to n-dimensions. you usually can't follow much during a maths lecture so i decided just to let my mind wander. i came up with the best question i had in years.

"why did god pick three? was it his favourite number?"

of course. you'll all have your smartass answers about how it's a human construct and everything. very well done. a friend decided it merited an answer given its strange randomness and they offered this to me:

"because god was not on lsd."

it would be fun having a 732.7 dimensions just cause he felt like it.

why do we have 2 sexes? would having a 3rd confuse us all? is having 2 sexes in a 3 dimensional world purely coincidental, or is it just the right number of equations in the given vector space.

once you start thinking like that, you know you are hopelessly lost. you confirm that when the lecturer goes "now, we know you're all very good at solving linear systems of equations, but what about non-linear ones? how're we going to solve them?"

"you pray", came the response from the person next to me (unnamed to protect anonymity). there. why did god create 3 dimensions? 2 sexes? and is he there to solve systems of non-linear equations for you? riveting questions. inextricably tied to the idea of a supreme being. and for a moment we knew we were in the wrong course for those questions.

there's also a death curve, defined by variables of height, weight and of course life expectancy on the vertical axis. the stationary maximum is probably somewhere around 6 foot 6 and i don't know what weight. apparently we have the norwegians to thank for creating this huge database based on their military records. yes. death comes to us all. *cough cough*

i have loads of work. and it's the middle of the 7th week and i think we need a holiday. i never thought i said that, bitching about the term being so short. but the mind is worn dedicating itself each day to the solving of great problems. i think i am falling behind slowly, especially as this creeping indisicipline is slowly sneaking up giving its excuse :"term's ending".

but it's not. and i still have deadlines to meet=(


lip said...

at least you're learning economics. I'm learning Marx, Smith, Durkheim and Anthropology. Lol. And music:)

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