no, the week didn't start like this, with fireworks and all.

took my oath of allegiance at the singapore high com, and they let off a few fireworks for me. no it was really guy fawkes day, where they celebrate guy fawkes failure to blow up parliament in the gunpowder plot of 1605. (yes, 400 years on they're still that bored.) it is basically to fulfill every culture's pyromania with a pagan ritual every autumn and hopefully a big fire to keep everyone warm. The venue for this particular one was not HCJC but battersea park near the huge power station. overpriced burgers aside, it was a good opportunity for people to stand around sharing overpriced beer and wait in the cold and play with sparklers and relive childhood fantasies. "no person? they didn't burn a person?" after waiting an hour in the cold (well it was warm once they lit the big bonfire), the crowd were restless. "i'm sorry ladies and gentlemans but it turns out some naughty people have got themselves into the fallout area and are currently being removed." naughty indeed. and it turned out they were children, and the next announcement confirming the prompt removal of the children was greeted by shouts of "burn 'em!" and "let them die!" if you don't burn at least one, the raving mobs will never let you go.

until you fire your glitzy fireworks to kitschy tunes like queen, the olympic theme song and other self-obsessed tunes. all was forgiven for the little bit of light on a cold november night.

was sick earlier in the week, and although people were nice enough to drop off cookies i still sat around being unhappy. "why isn't anyone mopping my brow." "why am i taking economics?" "why can't i take all the subjects in the world." pissed me off further because i go for lectures and these people enjoy throwing paper planes in the middle of the axioms of probability. oh what an insult. lectures aren't compulsory you know. it's been cold and i'm out of munchies. because i keep going to these overpriced places on leicester square and i'm paying for it now by subsisting on nothing/crap food.

watched phantom of the opera too, first time i saw it on stage. nice soppy tragedy, bad singing. no it wasn't bad, that's just cruel, but i think i'm too used to sarah brightman on cd. the poor fate of the phantom always gets me.

another busy week ahead. i guess i'll look forward to spanish where we have a funny little teacher.

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