where do all the actors go for supper? what time do they sleep?

more questions from the 40 minute walk back from the west end back to my hall in the cold.

finally did catch guys and dolls tonight with mel. now i can take out my big fat list of "things to do in life" and tick off "watched ewan mcgregor in the flesh". yes, it's one of those routine checklists where you tick everything off (and you're more concerned about getting the items ticked off than enjoying the item). and of course, looking at all the unchecked items of "things to do in life" (i think austin powers had "sex with japanese twins", that would be nice), alongside with trivialities of great importance? like EH101 essay due tomorrow (alarm bell).

it was a clever, feel-good show, with all the lovey-dovey songs and all that which the chicks always love. witty script though, but honestly jane krakowski was magnificent as ms adelaide (she's the singing girl in ally mcbeal). she put on that wonderful accent... entertainment. ewan mcgregor seems to have boundless energy, after seeing him in all those star wars movies wielding lightsabers and escaping from island prisons, he has time to motorbike around the world and write about it, and act in musicals (inspired by moulin rouge no doubt). for all his fame, did you know he actually acted in "nick leeson: rogue trader" and other dodgy films of that sort? things you learn staying in hmv.

and it's not easy being an actor isn't it? especially in a musical having to sing every night to a crowd. tiring. i'd get hungry. so where do they eat? at the late night chinese restaurants on gerrard street? do they really sleep at 4am every night? things i'll never know until i turn into a star overnight...

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