blogging about being comfortable isn't the best thing to do.

isn't life about challenging conventions, challenging this, challenging that, challenging yourself? that's exciting, it's for the journalists what's called "material".

there was an emirates commercial once which had a tagline "when was the last time you did something new?" the wonderful marketing people. all the best and brightest minds in psychology or mass communication actually do distill life down to a couple of taglines. in fact, though much of the nuance is lost, marketing slogans do make an imprint, and they're there in all sorts, waiting for one to come along and suit you. appealing to our love of the underdog and hard work? "we're #2, so we try harder" (avis)

i didn't wreak hell last week, not exactly. it was a busy week, to be honest, with my french project due, the essay and presentation on deindustrialisation, having to hand in an economics exercise without having paid much attention in lectures. work aside, there were all the little things to aid procastination. champions league matches, birthday celebrations, attending rag week stuff, even the video lectures on linear algebra and differential equations on the mit website which were more absorbing than whatever i had to do. therefore, have not posted much.

played football on sunday. (on saturday too). it snowed a little in the middle of the game, and considering it's mid-february, i completely do not understand how this season thing works. i like to think of it as some nice continually increasing function of time but metereology does not lend itself easy to mathematical analysis does it? there are the winds from the arctic, or any capricious change in the gulf stream which could mess the isobars around. but it was lovely that it snowed, it rarely snows much in london, and i like it because it's new and novel to me, and perhaps just beautiful. i don't think you can ever get used to it.

so i've written many times about how london is frustrating, annoying, and expensive. but i have this way of adapting that just needs a little bit of detachment. nice bricks. how uneven! have i seen this road before? and as long as i keep seeing things that don't make routine walks or activities boring, it actually is still something new. i am still new in this city. i still get lost in unknown areas. and my god, that even applies in singapore. if you asked me to drive around to find cck street xx i will get lost. and i knew that in singapore, and even when i walked back home on my last few days i notice how everything changes so fast, how our road signs are now green and white and not white and black as they used to be. and the world is really quite beautiful.

so winter will come to an end soon. i did like the cold a bit, but lately it got a bit too much to handle. i don't like wearing too much and maybe because i'm sick of it, but i found it particularly cold lately. i'm sure it was equally cold in december, but i was expecting it in december. so i take the bus sometimes now. what was ironic was the busker playing "here comes the sun", so i don't think musicians make better metereologists than the met office. it is a lovely song though, and i like knowing what it feels like to wait for the sun even though i've imagined it whenever i listened to it, and finding out that the experience is quite like how i imagined it to be. (it's usually underwhelming, such is the power of the imagination, to place experience into little blocks.) but i loved it, it was something new being bundled up and having the sun set so early.

"i say...it's all right..."

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