cast your net wide

"follow me, and i will make you fishers of men"

gives the term hooking up a new meaning. unfortunately that's not material from the latest advice column from a women's magazine, it's matthew 4:19.

'SUP guys i'm BACK. not at my best i have to admit, after all, i have experienced failure today, 2 weeks before my exams. nothing new, not trying to make it a habit though. "if at first you don't succeed..."

i am starting to sound like dr phil. for the uninitiated, (and i did not know who he was too), this is the guy who's some pop psychologist in america and has his own show. self improvement maxims are his staple and my attention was drawn to him because in scary movie 4 they spoofed saw and he sawed off the wrong leg (he was supposed to saw off the chained one) which later became the number "4" in the title.

hmm, anyway, i'm pretty afraid about mediocrity descending upon me. i don't mean watching scary movie 4 (hey! it was funny!), but as i was watching my punctured glutinous rice balls sink to the bottom of the pot bleeding tau sar i knew it was not my day. and i had this vague worry that i would turn out to be something like that too. deflated, unprepared and bleeding at the end of it all.

at the same time, i don't want to keep blogging about studying and etc. spring hit me like a train and left me flummoxed for a bit. didn't realise how happy i was. and in this "in between time" i know that on the 27th i can sing "i can see clearly now" but will it be too late? will the rush of spring have gone?

so yah i am quite sick of it all i wish everything would start next week so i'd be slightly more stressed out. and i was online yah trying to prove my theory cause apparently people hook up more during the exam period (or so the null hypothesis claims). anyway i had interesting responses. "exams make me horny" <-- (real response). anyway, i couldn't justify causality. defenses are down? boredom? too much free time? need someone to stare at so that your eyes can take a break from the book? just cause there's some correlation cause there seem to be so many more couples in the library. plus upon saying that there were 2 weeks left to my 1st paper i had an amusing reply : "and you've started already?" YEAH MORE POWER TO YOU SISTER. that just made me feel so much better, it changes nothing (not my extent of my preparation or anything) but yeah glass is half full now.

apart from that many things have not changed. i am getting used to seeing trees with leaves again. man with poetry still sits underneath blackfriars bridge. had wonderful club sandwich today. bank holiday today so workers gathered in trafalgar square. but to be honest inspiration was a bit gone. so this is what it feels like to be so placidly happy?

i didn't get to exercise my right at the vote because it's a walkover. but because this is a dinner table post and politics shouldn't be talked about at the dinner table i will chew my peas and not play with my food. but if you do wanna get started on it it's cool come find me.

oh yes i am going to re-encounter the guitar again cause at my break in school i found myself in a corner with jonathan and i told myself i have to conquer my fears=p


brought to you by the letter l. (wah the coxford dictionary so good at reading my mind)

"lost form"
"low morale"
"lu lai lu lao lan" (l-cubed l-square)
"lum pah pah lan"

NO LAH. I ON FIRE OK. kaoz now can go zhuo gang liao.


Jesse said...

i need to add one phrase my g2 always say:

mai zuo mai zuo, ai zuo zuo sui sui

"don't do don't do, want to do do nice nice."

the word do appears four times, don't twice and nice twice. we are fond of repetition.

Anonymous said...

haha.. I was wondering if you threw in the glutinuous rice ball when the water has yet to boil?

Jesse said...

no i know the mistake it was not even frozen to begin with

flipping pancakes said...

except it's 'don't want to do don't do' because 'mai' has a double meaning which english just doesn't get?

Jesse said...

i like pancakes

mich said...

what a brilliant catchphrase. it so neatly explains why i'm such a lszy bastard.

my parents are going to hear more of this