one last push

and out comes jesse! how many times must they have repeated that lie to my mom.

i have always been a linear learner and i totally do not understand mind maps. the only readon i would do them is if i have to make them for teaching purposes.

you know, one of the reasons i never ever could study in the library is because 1. i get tired of being in the same place for extended periods of time and 2. i need to do embarassing things once in a while. god knows how i would have passed bio if i didn't walk around my room repeating "interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, teleophase" or the next verb from the ci yu shou ce. (proof i haven't forgotten all i learnt at a level=p)

decided to do something different today so i wouldn't be bored to death. firstly chose a quiet classroom to study in with jx away from the maddening crowd but where i could still enjoy the sound of my own voice. but putting me in a room with markers is dangerous. why use a ballpoint pen on foolscap when you have an erasable whiteboard?

so i decided to do the questions on the board at the same time running through a short exposition of macro. and if you make mistakes just rub away and change. it looks impressive (like mathematical scrawling on windows) and they always say explaining something to someone makes it clearer to yourself. couldn't agree more.

no but really this aside i'm trying to be serious in the sense that i need to entertain myself (shamefaced nerdiness included) so that extra stuff can go in. i am convinced that if i make everything one big joke i will just leave the exam hall laughing. so i beg of everyone please to excuse my behaviour during this trying and difficult time. one last push (oh the old lie).
and after that i hope i'll still be standing there. i just need that bit more patience.

Darling, I would have died for you
but I never had the luck.
(teng qian xi, waterlights)

not this time i'm not leaving it to luck.


Jesse said...

p/s i think this is what dr ringmar means by square pegs in round holes.


i was once part of a team investigating whether it was legal for soldiers serving ns to blog about their experiences, so this little incident is pretty interesting i would think it would happen least of all in a university

Jesse said...

his little post about dylan was amazing too.

Jesse said...

and j.k. galbraith died recently so i'm no longer reading a living author.

mich said...

ooh, teng qian xi. i don't like waterlights, but leah remembers the stars and mandrakes kicks ass

Jesse said...

that is an amazingly lovely poem. i like how she writes with such romance.