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i intended to do this post yesterday but i kept having problems uploading the photos. as luck would have it i actually did sit down for a good half hour (must be) yesterday looking at photos of a pretty young thing =) so that kinda inspired the rest of this photo post (other than looking at pictures of myself you little narcissist you).

in any case, i'm hardly photogenic, good photos of myself are few and far between, compounded by the fact that i don't like taking photos of myself. (or maybe too much of people). photographs of people are so interesting, and i don't mean those you wank to or in victoria's secret's catalogues. but to be photogenic is so difficult. there must be a million possible freeze frames in a person's expression which makes them so beautiful. how do you capture that laugh that you saw, or that fierce man-chewing expression? of course we're better off with photography, which is why i cannot understand those non-photography day, 17th july stickers they've been pasting around the neighbourhood.

black and white is so cool... light falling on bromide crystals. from top: arthur miller dancing with monroe, a poor substitute for the photo which i can't find of both of them staring out of the house into the nevada sky on the set of the misfits, after which gable died and monroe killed herself, bombed at the box office etc... but it appeared to be a nice show. beauty and the brain. the american dream. "He was very sad at the breakup. It was the end of a dream for him too." All these nice photos. Did you know Miller married Inge Morath, the photographer for the misfits who took all those photos of monroe and miller together? how she must have felt!

next, monroe at the crap tables. blondes do have more fun. she was most elegant on the misfits it must have been the most intelligent and absorbing character she had to play.

next top rolling stone (or was it magazine cover) of all time. john lennon & yoko ono.

next photo reminds me of my grandma because she would tell me about when the queen was crowned being one of the few people i talk to who actually went through that. her 80th birthday a few days back and these are the 2nd class stamps they gave to me so her face will be on manila envelopes everywhere. the queen was remarkably elegant then (and now) and she has a nice cute cover on time and the picture of her holding her orb and wearing the crown was so... queenlike. sometimes i suspect no one could ever love a king that much (ok maybe the thai king) everyone needs their motherly figure which is the entire point of the virgin mary.

hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's

april showers are here. it can be sunny one hour and the rain just falls. minor inconvenience.

sometimes i think i am a dangerously simple person. i'm easily swayed, especially when i walk past homeless people with my white ipod when the lines "no need for greed or hunger" come out and it breaks my heart everytime it goes "you-u-ooooh" even though i've listened to imagine a thousand times. until you deconstruct the song and it says "a brotherhood of man" and "no posessions" and it seems contrary to everything you've ever learnt in liberal economics.

maybe i shouldn't consider ethics and philosophy i don't see how i can survive these nice rigorous standards which all melt away when i listen to a song.

history! i love reading about countries i've yet to step foot on.

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Anonymous said...

i agree. photographs of people are most interesting, i feel..
hy, just a passerby!