overdue photos, dubai and melaka

do NOT invest here. too much capital. go work here. returns to labour high. i get the feeling that if you build a hotel here, someone is going to out-ostentate and undercut you. it's one of those cities though, which, when i visit, reminds me why people like to visit singapore so much (although for a very long time i never thought it would be interesting enough to visit). i'm growing more and more in love with the singapore skyline though, the little things changing throughout the country (more entertainment and f&b spots, or could it be i'm growing up?)... my favourite spot was sitting at the library at esplanade thinking what the IR was going to look like, and part of me was hoping for gigantic faux roman columns.


sungei melaka... they seemed to have done up jonker street and the town area since i've been there, and now mahkota parade is no longer the coolest place to shop, it's a huge place called dahtaran pahlawan. another example of how the places you visit change... so how many of you still have photos on the fort?

food the same, also peranakan food nyums nyums.

i had a long, ranty post on the spirituality of rock and roll after watching we will rock you, but it was written in the glow of the moment (then again, what is faith but getting through the bad time with the faint memory, or the hope of the glow?)

and finally! cormac mccarthy's book, the road... maybe it's come a little too early in my life. but what a wonderful book on how to be a father. there was a debate today in the independent whether or not america had lost its moral authority (typical for a british paper, especially the independent). but the americans sure know how to tell a good, simple story.

will be graduating soon and hope to be going to a cold country for summer (maybe iceland) with the parents. also seized by an urge to master the cyrillic script and hop on the trans-siberian myself, which I've been aching to do since ORD (since nobody likes being on trains for weeks, though i suspect that will get the trains out of my system). i could also guide misguided chelsea and united fans on their way to moscow. BOOO! shit club no history, shit club no history, shit club no history, shit club no history!

exercise regularly, study hard and have a nice day. maturifically and healthily yours!

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