tomorrow, fulham, birmingham and reading will be playing for their premiership lives, while manchester united and chelsea battle for the title.

how nerve-wracking the last week of preparation must have been, i bet they just wanted to get on the field and play and get the result done with... everyone gets the extra time to train, so it's almost like it doesn't matter how much more you prepare on the training pitch, it's how you execute on crunch day... i'm presuming all the set-pieces and stuff have been practised.

i'm feeling a bit of a low now because i get a sense it can only go downhill from here... i've been having a mini-crisis with my time because i feel like i could step into my Mathematical Econs paper tomorrow and do okay. Yet, a week is just enough time to forget stuff that I've learnt, so it's annoying to just keep up with and repeat stuff that you already know and done enough variations of.

i just want to go in and do the paper and not fudge up by not spotting some insanely clever trick i'm meant to know or forget to draw a picture. the anxiety. argh.

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goodluck for ur paper!