it's been a fawesome week. for the past week i've been driving around norway, which is horribly expensive and horribly beautiful as well. i love wild, desolate alpine landscapes, so this is the kind of trip for me. i stole these pictures because i haven't had time to upload mine

bryggen in bergen... we started off in oslo, this was the second city we arrived at

hardangervidda plateau... very wild, very desolate, very good. this was on the drive between oslo and hardangerfjord, and it's cold and above the treeline, which explains the look.

at josteldabreen national park, it's possible to walk up right to the glacier. in the area there are plenty of lakes and rivers which make for good fishing.

geirangerfjord... one of the many fjords we encounteed

oh i graduated too... it was an especially rushed day considering i was in london for all of one day... i loved seeing everyone's parents tote around and being generally proud of their kids, and seeing my batchmates being especially proud as well. I think rushing so much made the day especially poignant for me, especially as I visited my old place and realized that I've stayed with JX for 2 years, and it's all over now baby blue! i graduated with the departmental prize for merit in my degree, rounding off my ceremony nicely.

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