if i ever have crazy eccentric ideas about love, i picked them up from french films. there's an american way, one which hires tons of animators to render the most kickass animation feature films, which i like because it's awesomely creative and pushes the envelope.

there's another way to be creative and it's not to have too much money. you can see jeunet's animation background in this film (delicatessen) which doesn't look dated at all for a 1991 feature. their country may not be the most pleasant in the world but i really like their films. very well choreographed scenes to music and i don't know how he thought up the composition of some of his scenes... wonderful attention to detail, and pretty sick and twisted too.

post-apocalyptic world which looks mysteriously like 1940's post war France where a butcher lures unsuspecting tenants and cuts them up for meat. a prospective victim, who was a circus clown, falls in love with the butcher's daughter who hires an underground team of vegetarians to save him... will they and the cast of eccentric characters survive...

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