i've graduated! results came in and i must have guessed correctly on the crazy mohawk curve question (convex or not convex, to be or not to be). i'll be off to london to attend graduation and will be off two weeks in norway.

but no sooner and i have already received my pre-sessional mathematics stuff to work on

in other news, america is starting to behave like an emerging market economy. bank runs, potential for debt defaults and a depreciating currency. all fantastic ways to get rid of their CA deficit through the valuation effect. but you have to wonder if in the future, when all this is over, they will have to start paying more on their overseas liabilities, so that they will no longer be able to sustain their time-tested strategy of borrowing short to lend long.

bye bye singapore! i leave you with a beautiful place i ate near 2 weeks ago, kampong glam mosque.

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