happiest day in 2 months

nope not my dissertation... that was a minor contributory factor, but will be in next post. sunny can attest to my happiness. so happy i almost got into a fight.

i don't know how long the link will stay active. when iniesta scored i had a primal scream. i had spent the whole 82 minutes since essien scored in a constant state of frustration. yeah, chelsea worked harder, they were organized better and for the most part they had better chances although robbed is a strong word for me, the press here has an english bias. was biting my nails then iniesta scored.... "YESSSS! COME ON!" 93rd minute. look how they put 4-5 people on messi. they're crazy... and yeah, the commentators exhortations to allah are well deserved.

the bald, middle aged chelsea fan opposite was really annoyed. he called me a cunt and told me to sit the fuck down. seriously, in front of his kid. is it because i'm asian? fuck you. i said no you sit the fuck down. stare off ensued. really really childish... sit the fuck down continued for a while, then chelsea has a corner. i was scared shitless they would score with all their tall people and he would come over and gloat in my face. but anyway i stopped screaming after a while and just clenched my fist and kept pumping it in silent delight. seriously, i'm just here to watch a fucking match, i've been suffering for 82 minutes and i can't show some damn emotion? fuck you. i don't give a shit who deserves to win. in my book, any team that is patient enough to string 20-30 passes just to create some space when there are 10 men behind the ball i like. think about all the combined one touch training they needed. i'm sorry your team didn't win... i'm sorry drogba and anelka kept hauling themselves down to the floor. i wouldn't begrudge it if you did, i'd just be frustrated. but god... the vindication... this way works. this way of living works. or it works sometimes. patience sometimes wins. it's not about football anymore, it's about how you live your life. best match ever this season. even better than any liverpool match. tremendous respect for barcelona 1 man down and still chasing and pressing and passing.

fuck all of you, seriously.

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