i remember one of my kinder neighbours in london, michaelangelo. he ran a jorge luis borges literary foundation. being a person who knew how to enjoy life, he could always be counted on to lend us implements of pleasure such as a corkscrew to open our wine bottles with, because jingxiang and i would always buy bottles of wine but not the corkscrew. he would ask us out for dinner and tell us about the history of this or that building. since i am still able to continue living my life the advice might be useful yet.

i think i just need to take people less seriously... they are, people, you know, like you and me. they deserve to be happy, they deserve to get hurt, they will make me happy and they will disappoint me. at least the travel part will not be a problem for me=p.

instantes - translated

If I were able to live my life again,
next time I would try to make more mistakes.
I would not try to be so perfect. I would be more relaxed.
I would be much more foolish than I have been. In fact,
I would take very few things seriously.
I would be much less sanitary.
I would run more risks. I would take more trips,
I would contemplate more sunsets,
I would climb more mountains,
I would swim more rivers.
I would go to more places I have never visited.
I would eat more ice cream and fewer beans.
I would have more real problems, fewer imaginary ones.

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