pressure valve

so when people ask you, which type of woman do you go for, it really confuses me. but i've thought long and hard about this. i think i need someone with a vocal range between alto and tenor. i want to hear a fucking human voice. on the fucking phone. so i think this staying up thing is not working out for me, when someone is not staying over. you see beauty fades, and maybe voices do, those soprano ones, but if you have a sexy, smoky alto/tenor voice that can dip into baritones, that lasts quite a bit. maybe i do subconsciously pick people based on how they sound. i don't really need to see your face. i just want to hear you.

when i see kevin spacey caress a new car as these things go through his head before he dies, i realize yeah these things are really important actually. the smell of a new car. bubble wrap. the sound of a fender plugged into a human amp. sensation. love is but a variety. aaah to think that i once thought it was a critique of materialism. SENSATION IS SPIRITUALITY. youtube loves us all, all the children of the world.

to buy a telecaster and hear it piped through my amp. these 3 voices ok i want somebody who sounds like this. ok... now i need one sound. none of all this post production stuff. i'm stupid, i can focus only on one sound at a time. there's a time for bruch's violin concerto when everything is ONE SOUND but many instruments but that's still too much. ONE SOUND. this is why people needn't shoot themselves in the face. just focus on the ONE SOUND.

i need reverb.

this is too much of an apology for being away. looks nothing like ronnie scotts nowadays

aaah fuck yeah yeah come on another one.

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