Bangkok, 2nd day.

I woke up late and it was 10. Zhenliang was the earliest riser. I decided to look for him because I remember he said there was a parade in the morning... okay pretty fun, kinda like a poor man's Mardi Gras.

We then set off looking for famous duck rice... navigated, asked a few questions. Walking through Bangkok was hazardous because of people in tuk-tuks and trucks and cars with super soakers, some with flour... and I had to clean myself up at the restaurant.

Having enquired at several tour agencies about getting to Siem Reap, we decided it was rather expensive during the Songkhram period, if the buses left at all. Thought then it would be better to do it ourselves. I loved that because it meant taking the train and I love trains. Choo Choo! (Selphie I think, FF8)

Because I was stupid and I didn't see Bangkok Central on the map, and I thought eastbound trains leave from the east station, I brought everyone to Khlong Tan station in Phetburi district... sort of an outlying suburb of Bangkok...we also had trouble communicating with the taxi driver so he didn't drop us at the station but further down... we thus had to follow the railway track down to Khlong Tan station. As we walked we passed by slums and saw the other face of Bangkok, with plenty of marginalized denizens... but a few of the kids were still so happy and in the new year spirit.

We arrived at the station and were lucky to run into a helpful "station operator", for want of a better word. The train schedules were all in the Thai cipher, and a few helpful lines helped us... and we realised we could book from Bangkok Central... so we took a train back there.

Bangkok Central, at Hualamphong, is a really large train station in the tradition of large train stations.... trains, carriages... wide roof... big portrait of the king... i always though locomotives were symbols of power and largesse of a nation... see... people and produce from all the various provinces pulling in at one place.... trains carry much more than buses. and of course the blast of the pa system. unforgettable.

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