A tribute to... vindication

Alright, I guess I do happen to have some time on my hands now that I've finished another topic and don't want to start on another one so late...

I was vaguely thinking about putting up more narratives about my life. Like, oh!, today I bought a frying pan and a microwaveable pot at Takashimaya because crockery is so shiny and there's the Great Singapore Sale and I have an additional 10% discount! But unfortunately I wasn't on the lookout for any interesting details which would interest my imaginary audience. Oh I bought a suitcase too! Right, all set then.

I was watching Steven Gerrard lifting the cup again and I guess he's going to stay because well, he realised it's wonderful to win the Champion's League with your boyhood club. What a difference winning makes! How wonderful it is to be vindicated... as manager who's failed at the final twice, as a crappy goalkeeper, whatever... It's so sweet to win when you're down and out... And it seems that it all comes down to those 120 minutes in the final, enough to redeem a frankly disappointing Premiership season.

And then life's like that isn't it... It's wonderful to be proven right... in moments. I don't know. To be saved by someone, something. oh god stoppit please ok i was just being sentimental.

and i think i will buy a webcam for jr. i don't know. i am starting to miss people very very much.

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