Perhaps the rest of the night was coloured by that incident... I was in rather no mood for fun. I realise too I got some of the chronology wrong... because Patpong just stands out in my mind. Before that though, we had lost Lip Jin at the MBK shopping mall... we had arranged to go our own ways for shopping and then meet at KFC at a pre-arranged time. Now of course there were 2 KFCs in the shopping centre, in accordance with the Rule of Murphy, which all retail shopping centre managers learn in Year 1 of their MBA course.

He got lost. Ohmygod! The biggest, tallest of us has been kidnapped by a Bangkok gang and had his limbs chopped off so he could become a beggar. Or maybe he was simply shopping around. Alex went off to look for in while I dutifully waited with Zhenliang. After some time, I was getting really worried and decided that finding him outweighed any embarassment caused to us or Singaporeans... so I went to the information counter and asked the obliging counter staff to help us make an announcement.... which nobody heard because it was really loud.

Eventually, I think Lip realised there were 2 KFCs and found the 2nd one... a potential crisis averted.

Back to the narrative. After some junk snacking at McDonalds, we decided to return to Th Khao San... we thought the morning was bad, but the night was simply insane.

There were thousands of revellers on the street spraying people like nobody's business. And we couldn't sleep so we decided to join in the festivities... time to change into clothes which we could afford to get wet in, buy some super soakers (a tad expensive), and steal some water from outside the hotel... okay I was still feeling rather disconsolate so I must admit I didn't really have fun and I thought that I hated the noise and the stupid people... and one brute stole some water from me.

We returned to a hotel and we had conversation with a drunk Swede. I forgot his name because I didn't really like him. He's a backpacker who's been around, had something to drink, and said stuff about Singapore having "fucking cheap electronics". He had a bit of trouble with the calculator when we told him the price of an ipod and he tried to convert it to crowns (it's crowns right, in sweden, or euro?) He then proceeded on with his grand philosophy of life. Being a psychology student, he said that shaking a man's hand firmly is important... and trust him... he has experience... people who shake hands limply are pussies and you can't trust them... while a firm one means you can trust the person... I was very irritated and I thought he was crazy and a nut because he started repeating it... and what's wrong with putting your hands together and bowing. fuck. crazy shit. I like some crazy shits, but not worthless ones.

The room we had was rather hot and had a hard bed... still managed to sleep well though.

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love the part bout the biggest and tallest of the gang getting lost. lovely. muahahaha
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