Break time!

It occurs now that whenever I have some spontaneous break time, in my house, at least, i'd like nothing better than to have a drink, warm, cold, whatever, lounge around and listen to BBC on the telly. Or some other channel, you get what I mean. I don't get up and play a computer game or heavens, even start to blog, for fear i'll get distracted from some new all-consuming passion. and that's why i'm starting to love the joys of planned leisure... oh, yay, shopping time, or 'whatever' time.

After spending long periods of time staring at the screen and writing, the last thing you want to do on your break is to stare at the screen and write. That's why blog entries are fewer and further between.

Which reminds me I haven't finished my Indochina or Bali narrative. And maybe because I've been in Singapore and shopping for mundane things like crockery. I guess I'm really looking forward to just leaving and studying.

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