I finally have a topic worthy of French oral exam-like dullness, which is fantastic.

I fed the fish today, mainly because they looked rather ill-fed and I have enormous compassion for animals in captivity. I dropped a few pellets but they swam around uninterested. Ok so they weren't hungry and I wasn't the Messiah dropping manna from heaven. Refusing to admit my messianic failure, I knocked on the bottle to make that stirring sound. Eat stupid.

Now, I always go on about fishes having memories of only 20 seconds and how the whole pond seems new to them after a while and they're really not that bored but how do I know I'm not a fish. And fish, after all, do remember certain nooks and crannies of the pond and all, or how would they know where to put their eggs? and they remember the sound of feeding. but i always love how simple their lives are, or i think they are.

Fishes aren't furry, and not easy to love. They're even tragic animals, if you listen to what Ted Hughes had to say. Yes, when the poor Sun was hoodwinked into putting his sons and daughters in a sack and drowning them in the water. I'm no animal lover, I can never imagine how an animal could possible be happy with me (maybe a dog), or maybe I just don't have a touch and everything I've ever owned, actually, just a hamster, dislikes me and gives me the impression that it'd rather be rutting with someone of the same sex thank you.

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